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Canon woos new customers with series of fun retail events, via Black Enterprise

Black Enterprise featured Canon Portals, a series of experiential retail events designed to give the customer a unique user experience surrounding its new products.

The two-week extravaganza were set up from Nov. 29-Dec. 16, 2018, allowing the customer to take photo-walks, book workshops and speak to on-site camera experts in addition to partaking in a six-piece series of sets molded perfectly for Instagram.

According to the article:

“We want things to be easy for customers. We want to give customers an experience, something beyond what they would do with — say their mobile device,” said Drew Maccallum, senior tech specialist with Canon USA. “We want people to see that you can take a camera and your mobile device and make everything an instagrammable moment, use our cameras to create even better images, use the lens, the skills and the abilities of that camera to create even better instagrammable moments.”



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