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Corel launches Painter 2021 for macOS and Windows

Corel launched Painter 2021, the latest version of its professional digital painting software on macOS and Windows. Painter 2021 adds AI-based style transfer workflow offering greater customization, control, and Natural-Media realism, as well as a new Thick Paint-compatible brush category and a variety of Clone Tinting options.

“We know many professionals may have been unsure of the value style transfer could offer their workflow, but with Painter 2021, we’ve completely re-imagined this technology to give them a serious reason to reconsider,” said Chris Pierce, senior product manager, Digital Arts at Corel. “While Painter 2021 is using AI under the hood, powerful customization lets you experiment and adjust nearly every detail with total creative control over your results. Painter may be using AI to accelerate the mechanics of painting photos, but your final hand-painted work of art is as personal and authentic as ever.”

Among the new features and highlights

  • Painter offers AI with 12 artistic styles.
  • Work with Painter’s highly realistic Thick Paint like never before. Explore the new Thick Paint-compatible brush category, enhanced Thick Paint brushes, and additional workflow options to elevate your art.
  • Experience a more intuitive Brush Accelerator analyzing and applying optimal Painter settings based on specific hardware and graphics card.
  • The new Clone Tinting feature lets the user select the colors as they paint from a source image. This versatile tool also works with multi-point cloning allowing the artist to create entirely new compositions from existing artwork.
  • Mac users can now use Sidecar on macOS Catalina to mirror their screen on an iPad and paint using the Apple Pencil with new tilt support.

Painter 2021 is available in English, German, French, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese. For the first time, Corel is offering Painter as an annual subscription. This affordable option is available for the suggested retail price of $199 USD / € 225 / £159 annually and includes access to free brush pack releases. For customers who prefer to purchase a perpetual license, the full software is available at the SRP of $429 USD / € 424.95 / £359.99 and registered owners of any previous version can purchase the upgrade for $229 USD / €218.95 / £179.99 SRP. GBP and European prices include VAT.


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