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Third annual Super Launch Party

Independent Photo Imagers (IPI) is hosting a webinar Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018, unveiling initiatives and innovations for prospective and current members and vendors. Register here. The third annual event features a long agenda of news and announcements: 

  • Pre-game sneak peek of new INNOVATIONS
  • How will The Print RefineryTMrevolutionize your business this year? What results are the licensees experiencing?
  • LAUNCHING: IPI Forum 2.0
  • LAUNCHING: IPI Communications 2.0
  • Coin toss for pre-IPIC Boot Camp 2.0 education
  • Everything you need to add or reinvent an area of your business
  • Huddle together for SALES GROWTH and PROFITABILITY tools MSP 2.0!
  • Signature Products + Services
  • Consumer Classes + Events
  • Effective + easy marketing techniques
  • Meet our new Marketing Coordinator!
  • Simple strategic planning + goal execution plus productivity and time management tools
  • Growing your customer base
  • Outside sales + commercial products
  • Half-time entertainment with special guests
  • Tours of members’ new locations and remodels
  • Game-winning touchdown with IPIC 2.0 registration officially open
  • IPIC is the ultimate education, networking + purchasing event of the year!
  • Post-game wrap-up Q+A with IPI HQ Team

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  • 07/11/21 - 07/15/21 All day

    IPI connects a passionate community of local, independent business owners that embrace a culture of sharing.

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