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Fracture photo packaging provides secure glass-print travel

Fracture isn’t a household name among photo-printing companies, but it’s unique photos-printed-on-glass product are certainly eye-catching. The prints –  which the company calls Fractures – are images printed directly on glass and assembled into a frameless, ready-to-hang product. Each order is produced in the company’s Gainseville, Fla., factory and delivered in custom packaging. It’s that packaging that caught my eye, as I was intrigued with the idea of shipping fragile glass across the country in the hopes that it wouldn’t, well, fracture.

The company posted this video demonstrating the strength of its packaging:

Fracture grew from a dream between two friends to a team of almost 40 people with over 100,000 orders shipped worldwide, the company says. Below is a series of photos going over the end-to-end packaging presentation.


For a look at the Fracture manufacturing process, the company has posted this video feature CTO Alex Theodore:


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