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Halide 1.7 update adds interesting Portrait and Depth modes

Halide, one of the most interesting camera apps for iOS, has added several new features. The gesture-based camera app now incorporates its own version of Portrait mode, which the company claims is faster than the Apple mode. The app also retains the original image data, so the user can always apply their own effects or revert to a regular shot.

Halide also added full support for the TrueDepth camera and related sensors. This allows for support of depth information in the front-facing camera.

The app also adds Depth Peaking, our depth-visualization mode similar to the previous Focus Peaking mode, but for 3D imagery. Depth Peaking overlays detailed depth information while allowing a view of the subject. (See sample below)

The app also has an updated reviewer, allowing the user to toggle the portrait effect on or off, view the depth-map, and even export the Depth Map as a PNG.

Using Apple’s ARKit, Halide also lets the user project any depth capture into augmented reality, as shown in the example below:


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