Innovative FOTO photo booths add greenscreen

Innovative FOTO PGS

Innovative FOTO, the photo booth business owned by DNP Imagingcomm America Corp., announced new all-in-one, customizable PGS unmanned green screen kiosks for theme parks, zoos, and other entertainment venues, without the need to add staffing. The company notes an unmanned green screen photo kiosks follow social distancing guidelines while continuing to provide a revenue stream for venues.

The company says the photo booths are easy to maintain and to customize.

“As summer approaches, we expect to see people return to doing the activities that they love with people they missed,” said Stephen White, vice president, Sales & Operations, Innovative FOTO. “People have long-awaited these reunions and experiences, so giving your guests a simple way to capture the moment is a long-lasting souvenir that they will deeply cherish.”