Ludo Fact GmbH adopts Shopify plug-in from Taopix

Ludo Fact GmbH
Ludo Fact GmbH

Taopix announced the release of their Shopify Plug-in, with European printer Ludo Fact GmbH first to adopt the technology.

“We’re extremely proud of the dozens of new features we’ve been able to produce over the last 18 months despite all the uncertainty with lockdowns and restrictions in place, but this year the real game-changer is our new Shopify Plug-in,” says Michael Carey, Commercial Director for Taopix. “It has exceeded our expectations, not just with its simplicity and ease of use, but the response so far has been unparalleled from both customers and technology partners.

“This is game-changing for us and our customers. It opens doors to a whole range of new possibilities, whether it’s launching a new site or brand with ease, or integrating a set of products into your own existing Shopify site or partnering with other online retailers.”

Ludo Fact GmbH is a publisher and independent manufacturer of board games and puzzles, which has also announced plans to launch a new B2C brand,, offering personalized puzzles with Shopify and Taopix across Europe and the USA this fall.

“I’ve known Taopix for a long time now and they have a very robust and flexible platform, which suited our photobook business extremely well,” says Philipp Friedmann, head of Business Development, Ludo Fact GmbH. “We love the 3D editing experience Taopix can offer our puzzles, so when we heard their plans to integrate a plug-in with Shopify we knew we had all of the tools we needed to finally launch, and the timing was perfect.”