Skip Cohen University launches f64 Lunch Bunch interactive webinar series

Skip Cohen University (SCU), a leading resource for photography education, business, and marketing, launched a new “f64 Lunch Bunch” webinar series to provide an outlet for photographers currently facing professional and business challenges, according to an announcement.

f64 Lunch Bunch connects likeminded individuals and professionals remotely to chat about what they need to thrive, not just survive, as a professional photographer in today’s challenging work environment.

“Some of the best industry ideas and friendships have come out of sharing meals together at conventions and trade shows,” said Skip Cohen, president. “This ongoing global COVID-19 crisis changed this in the blink of an eye. It affects so many of us on so many levels from a lack of social contact to a sharp decline in business opportunities. The f64 Lunch Bunch was created as a way for us to practice a socially distanced ‘lunch break’ to talk about issues and find solutions to the trials of running a successful business in challenging times and build your network.

“While the program is part of SCU, it couldn’t happen without six artists/educators who share my passion for the industry. This team of hosts are the heart of the f64 Lunch Bunch. Joining me are Larry Becker, Scott Bourne, Steve Brazill, Don Komarechka, Robert Vanelli, and Chamira Young,” added Cohen.

Each day this week at 2:00 pm EST, a diverse group of photographers covering just about every specialty in photography will be sharing ideas to help photographers through the challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis.  Past special guests joining f64 Lunch Bunch include Scott Kelby on Tuesday, March 24; upcoming guests include Jen Rozebaum on Wednesday, March 25. Anne Geddes on Thursday, March 26 and Joe McNally on Friday, March 27. The group will be sharing ideas related to marketing, business, finding new avenues for revenue, partnerships, expanding skillsets and wherever else the conversations will take the group. They have one singular goal – to help photographers find new ideas during this difficult and unplanned downtime.

To join any or all this week’s webinars, please visit: