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Will Crockett

Is LED lighting ready for high-volume photography?

Posted: March 12, 2019

I was surprised to see the number of interested photographers at the recent SPAC 2019 conference seminar on “LED Lighting” for the school and kids sports photo industry.  Most of the photographers in attendance were interested in an alternative to the age-old problems with using studio strobes for portraiture and were hoping that LED technology will spare them from their flash frustration. About a third of the 100+ people in the group were interested in adding a video product to their sales menus and needed to learn about affordable LEDs that are suited for that type of imaging. If you fit into one of those groups, I have some fresh info for you.

Semi Automated Selling

Posted Dec. 10, 2018

Talking portraits are “eProducts” that take many shapes and sizes. They are electronic photo products that are created by professionals and sold to customers through their phones and email which allows us to take advantage of some new selling techniques. Even though the production of the eProduct is a radical departure for some photographers, these new sales methods are very similar to the way we have sold photography for decades. Let me share an example with you…

Sound Sells: Seven Suggests for Great Audio

Posted Aug. 21, 2018

As a lifelong photographer, I would love to share that the most important part about a Talking Portrait is the portrait part but it’s not. Having great lighting and clean editing, of course, is important but when we show a talking eProduct to a potential customer, the decision to buy is triggered when they hear what the subject has to say…

Recipe for a profitable Talking Portrait

Posted Aug. 7, 2018

What’s America’s favorite recipe for making profitable Talking Portraits for the professional high volume photographer?  It’s a little early to know for sure, but I have discovered what is cooking up well in central California that I’m glad to share…

About TALKINGportraits

TALKINGportraits is a continuing series of articles exploring the opportunities for eProducts and other digital media in the world of professional photography. The author, Will Crockett, is one of Americas premier hybrid photographers and is honored to be the creator of the “Talking Portrait”. Starting his career as a commercial and editorial photographer in the 90’s, Will rose quickly to prominence with a fresh engaging photographic style of portraiture than brought him assignments for TIME, NEWSWEEK, PEOPLE and TV GUIDE magazines before the age of 30. Best known in the photo industry as a seminar speaker, Will enjoyed presenting over 250 speaking events all over the globe on topics related to shooting smarter instead of harder. His award-winning ShootSmarter DVD Series produced 34 titles found in most camera stores in the US and Europe before it became the first professional photo video series sold on

These days Will is focussed on launching the world’s first system for producing high volume non-printed photo eProducts combining still, video and audio files into beautiful portraits that talk, dance, sing and laugh on customers phones and social pages.

Will is currently based in California’s central coast and is the CEO of – the photo industry’s first hybrid lab.

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