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Vivid-Pix announces SDK, commercial-use program for Picture-Fix technology

Image-enhancement software creator Vivid-Pix is now providing SDK and commercial-use programs for its patented Picture-Fix technology, aimed at photo kiosk and lab workflows.

Vivid-Pix targets 2 unique and very large markets:

  • Faded Images: RESTORE Picture-Fix improves scanned prints, slides, and documents. Great for the expanding genealogy/family history market.
  • Underwater Photos: LAND & SEA SCUBA Picture-Fix improves underwater photos. Great for the billions of pool/snorkel/scuba photos and travel market.

The company is providing three business models for partners:

1) As a commercial SDK, where the Vivid-Pix technology works within another program to improve images. The partner program places the images to be corrected in an input folder, the SDK fixes the images automatically, provides the consumer the opportunity to fine-tune, and places the improved images in an output folder.

2) The Vivid-Pix software can also be installed on a consumer workstation in a retail location, where a small fee can be assessed or built into the print price.

3) The software can be installed on a lab workstation, where the operator uses Picture-Fix to improve images quickly and efficiently.

For more information, contact Rick Voight,


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