Adobe updates Lightroom CC Classic to improves book module, Blurb book styles

Adobe Systems has updated Lightroom CC for both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC for Mac and Windows. The update includes Lightroom Classic CC improvements to the Book Module, “including supporting new Blurb book styles, including Layflat, Magazines, and Trade Books. Layflat books make unique layouts possible thanks to its seamless spreads. Magazines provide a high-end look with semi-gloss cover and velvet finish paper. Trade Books are affordable books ideal for distribution.

“We’ve also added additional features to refine the layout with custom-sized cells within a page. Add multiple cells, move specific cells to the front or back, and drag the cell exactly where you want with the help of new grids and guidelines. You can even save the custom layout to use it in another album in the future.”

The company also updated organizational and synching features for Lightroom CC Mobile, for iPhone, iPad, Android, and ChromeOS/