CEWE Photo Award draws more than 600,000 entries

Photography enthusiasts from more than 170 countries submitted 606,289 photos to the CEWE Photo Award 2021, making it the world’s largest photo competition, according to CEWE. Most of the pictures come from Europe, but participants from Madagascar, Mozambique, the Fiji Islands, the Bahamas and Mexico are also represented with their best motifs. The “Nature” category is the most popular category with 129,873 uploaded images. The highest number of photo submissions to date is accompanied by a record donation because for each picture, CEWE donates 10 cents to “SOS Children’s Villages worldwide”, for a total of 60,628.90 euros.

“This year’s record participation in the CEWE Photo Award makes us happy in two ways,” explains Thomas Mehls, CEO at CEWE. “On the one hand, it shows the unbroken enthusiasm and creativity, which the topic of photography also brought with it in the Corona year 2020/2021. On the other hand, as a partner of the ‘SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide’, we at CEWE can do something good again with our donation. ”

A seven-person expert panel meets at the end of June to determine the best of the 10 categories and the overall winner from all the entries. The overall winner can look forward to a unique trip worth 15,000 euros, photo equipment worth 7,500 euros, and photo products from CEWE worth 2,500 euros. The winners of the second to 1,000th place will also be rewarded with a prize.

Sample monthly winners gallery