Future Media Conferences, ThinkTAP to produce the Visual Storytelling Conference

Future Media Conferences (FMC) and ThinkTAP are collaborating to bring the Visual Storytelling Conference for its second run from March 10-13, 2022. The Visual Storytelling Conference is an educational event for digital creators and photographers.

The Visual Storytelling Conference provides online video creators, photography enthusiasts, vloggers, and hobbyists an opportunity to boost creativity, learn new technical skills, and invest in their creative businesses, the company said. The multi-day, multi-track event will feature live, interactive online sessions in photography, video, business, and social media. Experienced photographers and influential online creators will host training sessions to share their wealth of knowledge and insight into managing a personal creative business.

“There are so many different ways to tell your story these days. Social media and online content is the best way to raise awareness and drive personal success… but posting just words isn’t enough. It takes compelling photos and videos to tell a story,” said conference designer Rich Harrington, CEO and founder of ThinkTAP and owner and publisher of Photofocus.com. “We’re glad to bring this event to the creatives around the globe.”

The Visual Storytelling Conference kicks off with specialized bootcamps to provide attendees with intensive training for their particular interests. Bootcamps will cover the following topics such as creating with Adobe Creative Cloud, live streaming, video editing, blogging, and photo editing.

For the remainder of the program, attendees will engage in networking opportunities such as virtual happy hours, hallway discussions, expos, and live demos while also having the opportunity to participate in ongoing training sessions all day long. Topics include photography editing tips for a variety of specialties such as macro photography, sports photography, landscape, and portrait. Other sessions will focus on video editing techniques, business management, animation, web design, and marketing.

“As lines between photography and video are getting blurred for content creators, the need for thorough training has never been that evident,” said Ben Kozuch, co-founder of Future Media Conferences. “We created this event to provide creative, technical, and business best practices for those who thrive on visual storytelling. The VSC conference is an ideal combination of training, networking, and best practices that could benefit any content creator.”

Registration for the full online event is free, with an option to upgrade to the VIP Pass — on sale for $99 — to gain access to session recordings and exclusive access to editing software or plug-in of choice.