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Koffeeware releases photokina 2016 outline Press releases 

Koffeeware releases photokina 2016 outline

Strasbourg, France – July 20th, 2016

At photokina 2016, Koffeeware, a worldwide supplier of photofinishing solutions, will present online photo solutions that help photofinishers around the world to improve their productivity, flexibility with innovative tools.

With Photo Web Shop, Koffeeware provides medium to large online photo sites with a complete one-stop solution for building their web site and run their marketing.

With Creator Five, Koffeeware allows software development partners to focus on providing their own added value confident that they will benefit for the best online product customization tool available.

With the recently launched, Koffeeware offers retailers a simple click and collect environment to run their activity providing up-to-date tools although requiring a very low start up investment.

About Koffeeware

Based in Strasbourg, France, Koffeeware develops and provides cutting edge technologies and web to print e-commerce solutions dedicated to online photo related services such as photo finishers, pure players or any web site requiring some photo publishing capabilities.


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