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Mediaclip announces five-part photo personalization webinar series

Mediaclip has created an online series where to answer questions and to navigate through the business opportunities and considerations that are top of mind when stepping into an online product personalization offering. In this five-part live series, experts and invited guests will:

  • Uncover the current landscape and future projections for the photo printing and merchandise market
  • Discuss how companies can drive profits with the demand for customization, especially with innovative items that offer a competitive edge
  • Review security and privacy compliance considerations to guide the policies that protect you and your customers, including impacts of GDPR and CCPA
  • Brainstorm marketing ideas to help you connect with and convert the driving force behind the product personalization market acceleration – Millennials
  • Provide a sneak peek demo of the market-leading online product personalization solution by Mediaclip

Episode 1: Photo Product Personalization – Future-Proofing Your Business Strategy

Live air date: June 4, 2020 

At present, photo printing accounts for a majority of the revenue within the photo printing and merchandise market, however the latter segment is steadily gaining momentum and is responsible for driving growth for the entire market. In fact, it is projected that by the end of 2028, the revenue contribution through merchandise printing to the global photo printing and merchandise market value is anticipated to reach around 25%. With a global rise gifting culture, the consumer lean towards online shopping, and the rapid increase in the number of photos being captured today, the desire to customize gifts through online personalization has become highly desirable. Photo businesses who embrace this trend are discovering lucrative opportunities that not only offer greater margins and profits, but also increase customer demand, engagement and loyalty.

Episode 1 of our live Q&A series will address your questions relating to this rapidly growing market segment, as well as the business opportunities available for photo labs and retailers to modernize their business and capture larger shares of the consumer market.

Episode 2: Profiting from Personalization – How Product Personalization Can Grow Your Business

Live air date: June 11, 2020

After last week’s session, the idea of adding online product personalization to your offering may have now become attractive. However, some business owners may still find themselves asking if it is an endeavor worth the investment.

Episode 2 is dedicated to questions that will elevate your understanding of how employing the power of product personalization can have a positive impact on many of your top goals. With minimal tweaks to your current go-to-market strategy and a small upfront investment on the right technology to support this venture, your business can easily capitalize on the rise of personalization trends in eCommerce to secure long-term growth in the photo industry landscape.

Episode 3: Mitigating Cyber Risks and Regulations – Security and Privacy Compliance Considerations that Protect You and Your Customers

Live air date: June 18, 2020

Conducting business online presents a set of dynamic requirements and expectations to earn consumer trust; shoppers want to be protected against fraud and spam. Because of the rise in popularity of online shopping, even small-to-mid sized online stores carry a lot of sensitive customer information on their servers. As such, it is important to understand the cyber risks and regulations landscape for building a trustworthy ecommerce business.

Episode 3 will focus on addressing your questions and concerns around strategies to reduce the risks you and your customers face when doing business online. We’ll help you cut through the jargon to gain an understanding of your privacy obligations to your customers, as well as protective steps to take to deal with risks before they become litigious problems.

Episode 4: Marketing to Millennials – Proven Strategies to Attract and Engage this Power-Generation

Live air date: June 25, 2020

Millennials are taking industries by storm across the board, yet they remain a mystery to most in how to attract, engage and retain them. For retailers, the routine to court this generation has many new layers. They are the leading force behind the rise of eCommerce and the popularity of product personalization, and therefore represent a consumer segment that manufacturers and retailers are desperately trying to reach and entice.

The 4th episode will address your inquiries about proven methodologies to employ when creating messaging to attract millennials. To reel them in, not only must your content be visible where they spend the most time, but also be original and authentic. To keep them, your products and services must be in line with their core values and facilitate their desire to differentiate their self-brand. But that’s just the beginning – there is much more to consider when marketing to Millennials.

Episode 5: Introduction to Mediaclip – Sneak peek into the industry-leading online product personalization solution

Live air date: July 2, 2020

Mediaclip™ is the premier developer of white-label software for offering products personalization to consumers. Our flexible technology, coupled with our global network of printers and manufacturers for drop-shipping options , make it possible for photo businesses to create and sell a variety of customizable products, without the need for inventory.

In the final episode, we’ll give you a live demo of the product personalization solution that’s preferred by many leading players in the photo industry. We’ll also address your inquiries about the software and uncover the many possibilities of working with Mediaclip to tap into the multi-billion dollar personalized merchandise market.


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