Once Upon updates designs, adds autofill to photo book

Once Upon adds an autofill feature

Swedish photo book company Once Upon has expanded its mobile photo book-making app to include new design choices and an AutoFill function, which makes it possible to upload nearly 600 images at once to the photo book. Since 2017, Once Upon’s app has been downloaded more than four million times.

The Skellefteå-based company says, with Autofill, users can add up to 594 images at the same time to the photobook, and the function then fills the pages automatically. It can be used on a brand-new photo book or on an already-started project.

Once Upon adds black covers.

In addition, several new design options have been launched, including a choice of two additional fonts for the headings on the cover and in the book, Classic (Abril Fatface) and Elegant (Noto Sans Extra Light), and also choose where on the cover you want to place your heading. The latest design addition is the choice of black book cover, which complements the existing white option.

“We always strive to be at the forefront to enable seamless and smooth creation,” says Once Upon’s founder and CEO Lina Andersson. “That our users have also created hundreds of thousands of loving, happy, and memorable books, with our timeless design, makes us proud. Now we look forward to giving our users even more space to easily live out their creative side. This is the beginning of more exciting news to come during the year.”