Opinion: Are DSLRs still worth buying in 2021?

Are you thinking of buying a DSLR camera? It’s easy to see why people are attracted to them. They are small and easy to carry. With a good quality lens, they can take high-quality pictures. There are benefits to owning one of these little beauties. By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll have a better idea if you should buy one. But, it’s good to get the pulse of what a digital SLR camera can do for you – even in 2021.

The first step in deciding if a DSLR is right for you is to determine what you hope to accomplish by using one. Are you looking for a camera that offers more precision and more capabilities than a point-and-shoot? Or are you more concerned with the quality of the photographs and how long it will take to download the images to your computer? These are just some of the questions that you should answer before shopping for a DSLR camera.

There are many choices for photographers today. With camera technology continuing to improve, there are more options than ever for anyone who wants to take the world of photography into their own hands. So, when deciding which camera is right for you, take the time to consider exactly what you hope to accomplish with your photography, then decide which camera has the features to meet your goals. Here are the reasons DSLRs are still a good option this year:


DSLR cameras offer many advantages over their film-based counterparts. For starters, they are compact and easy to carry around. Because digital SLRs are much lighter than film cameras, this spells portability and fewer hassles when taking photos.

For those who love taking pictures, but hate fumbling around for your camera, it’s about time that you invest in a smaller, easier-to-carry camera. These cameras are also perfect for casual vacation snapshots when you aren’t concerned about a huge box of film and all the problems that can come with using one. You can browse around here to see just how portable DSLRs can be.

Rich Features

In general, most digital SLRs have similar features and functions. The main difference between a point-and-shoot and a digital SLR camera is the extent of manual control allowed. Most point-and-shoots have, at least, some manual controls, but not as much as some photographers would like. When comparing features between a point-and-shoot camera and a digital SLR, it’s important to compare functions that will be useful to the photographer. Here are some of the features that you’ll enjoy with a DSLR camera:

  • Features such as continuous shooting, manual controls, and image stabilization may seem like they aren’t that important to the photographer, but all of these can make a difference when it comes to taking quality photographs.
  • The DSLR can capture moving images with pinpoint accuracy and high resolution, which are very important if you intend to photograph certain subjects. Most of the best DSLRs available today have autofocus motors that are so fast and precise that it’s impossible to take an image out of focus. There’s also much less distortion when the camera is used consistently. For photographers, the convenience of having a small body and small size of the viewfinder is a bonus.
  • In addition, some models have built-in flash systems that are very useful for getting to light when you need them. The DSLRs deliver clear, crisp pictures, and producing those kinds of images is a definite advantage.
  • Another advantage that a DSLR has is that you can change the lens easily. You don’t have to spend hours looking for the perfect lens. Simply take the shot, focus, and take another. The flexibility that DSLRs offer is a major benefit for photographers, both professionals, and amateurs.

Reasonable Price

There’s no need to buy the latest, most expensive DSLR when you’re just getting started. You can still find great quality DSLR for under GBP£ 700. While cheaper DSLRs may not perform as well as the more expensive models, you can still expect superb features from a decent compact digital DSLR.

Before spending any money on a camera, it’s best to read some user reviews. People who’ve used the camera before you are the best judges of how functional the camera is. You can also check out the camera’s manual. Usually, you’ll find the basic functions, such as taking pictures and recording videos, as well as their maximum picture and sound quality. That should give you a good idea of how the camera works.


So, should you buy a digital SLR? In general, yes, digital SLRs offer more flexibility and functionality than traditional film cameras. You can find the right DSLR for your photography needs by carefully looking at features and functions. Digital SLRs have become incredibly popular because they take great pictures. Once you’ve taken your digital SLR photos, you can share them with family and friends on social media, email them to friends, or print them for posterity.

Brad Simmons is a professional photographer. He has been in the industry for more than a decade.