Participate in the APTech/PRIMIR color study

If color is important to you, please take 10 minutes to complete a brief survey.

The independent market research firm Nima Hunter Inc. is conducting an important study for The Association for PRINT Technologies (APTech) and its PRIMIR market research unit about the future of specifying, matching, and managing color.

The goal of this survey is to provide you with insight into what your peers think about color management, and to provide APTech members with insights about your needs to help them develop new color appearance management solutions to better meet the needs of creative professionals, brand owners, packaging professionals, color management professionals, quality managers, print buyers, and print service providers over the next 5 years.

Please click on this link:  and complete the survey by November 10th.

The information you share will remain confidential.

As a thank you for your participation in this survey, you will receive a summary of the key survey findings once all data is collected and analyzed.

We would also appreciate it if you would share this invitation with colleagues, customers, or suppliers who specify, create, design, purchase, or manage color for printed products or packaging.

Why is your opinion needed?

According to Don Carli, CEO of Nima Hunter Inc. and principal investigator for the study:

“The iccMAX specification provides an extensible foundation for standards-based solutions to next-generation color and appearance management. Our preliminary research indicates that challenges presented by the increased use of expanded gamut printing and print embellishment create new opportunities for color management solutions based on iccMAX.

High-growth markets for hyperspectral imaging such as precision agriculture, medical imaging, remote sensing, security, ubiquitous computing, and industrial automation, currently employ technologies like chip-scale hyperspectral sensors, plenoptic hyperspectral cameras, and ultra-high-definition wide-gamut quantum dot displays.

To take full advantage of such technologies for graphic arts applications, developers of hardware, software, training services, and supplies for printing and packaging need input from stakeholders across the color value chain to understand pain points, use cases, features and benefits that iccMAX-based solutions can address which are likely to be of greatest importance over the next three to five years.”

Why now?

According to the color management study co-chairs John Sweeney and James Raffel:

“Advanced digital printing and print embellishment technologies, changing workforce demographics, global supply chains, and evolving customer requirements make development of new automated standards-based color managed workflows an imperative.

Evolving customer expectations for consistent visually differentiated print, demographic shifts in the workforce, global supply chains, and new printing and print embellishment technologies ate marking automated standards-based color appearance management solutions and imperative,

The goal of this survey is to provide APTech/PRIMIR members with insights to help them develop standards-based color appearance management solutions that will meet the future needs of creative professionals, brand owners, packaging professionals, print buyers, color and quality managers, as well as print service providers in U.S. markets.”

If you have any questions about the survey, please write to [email protected]