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Photo Finale announces two release updates Sponsored post Updates 

Photo Finale announces two release updates

Photo Finale sites have been updated with tweaks and fixes with release 12.7 today and 12.6.6 last week.

PF v12.7 (04/26/2018)

  • New collection of icons for the Creative Occasions (Birthday, Father’s Day, Kids, etc.) on the site. Thank you Foto Source HQ for the creative work on this piece.  Check them out by navigating to the /create page on your site and then tap on “Browse By Occasions”.
  • New responsive version of the homepage for PF Standard sites.
  • New distributed caching layer for Umbraco custom content.  Changes made in Umbraco will now be available across the production webserver fleet in 1/3 the previously-required time, dropping from 30 minutes down to under 10 minutes.
  • Navigation to and between Umbraco custom content pages now happens within the site’s single-page application (SPA) framework, resulting in a fantastically quick and smooth experience without the traditional interruption between web pages.  This requires HTML updates in Umbraco to remove the “target” attribute from all link tags.  Dealers with managed Umbraco sites will have their content updated over the coming weeks.  The experience can be previewed at
  • When navigating from a custom Umbraco page to a platform page, if the user hits the browser Back button, the previous page content is now properly loaded.
  • The quantity pricing table shown on the Add to Cart dialog in the Creative workflow now incorporates any extra fees for additional pages.
  • Credit card refunds in myLab now process fully and no longer display an error on the page.
  • Fixed a bug in the sitemap.xml generation which could include entries for non-customer-accessible pages on Umbraco sites that contain content in multiple languages.
  • Fixed a recently-introduced problem that could hide the characters while editing text in a creative project on a mobile device.

PF v12.6.6 (04/17/2018)

  • Prepaid Print Plans have been fixed and are now appearing on the site again.
  • Also fixed the link to the Prepaid Plans page from the hamburger menu on PF Standard sites.
  • Fixed the sending of new member welcome emails when a customer signs up for a membership, which had been broken in PF 12.6.
  • Print credits which are awarded as part of a membership sign-up are now being applied properly again.
    • What does this mean? It means, you can now advertise: “Join now and receive 10 free 4×6 prints!”
    • How do you do that? First, set up a Prepaid Plan for 10 free 4×6 prints, for $0 and mark it as not for sale. Then, in your membership (refresher here), under the Promotions tab, select that prepaid plan. The prints credit will be saved to the customer’s account.
  • When a site only offers a single membership plan and it is a lifetime (i.e. non-expiring) plan, the “Upgrade / Renew” option is no longer shown on the My Account page.
  • Fixed a bug that saved the scroll position when switching between collections in the library panel of the Creative Product Builder, which could result in no photos being shown when switching from a collection with lots of photos to one with fewer photos in it.
  • Updates to prevent Modernizr conflicts when that library is also utilized by a dealer’s custom PFSR/PFE (aka Umbraco) template.
  • Updated the payment gateways for Stripe & Vantiv to support their most recent security updates.
  • Customer passwords can now include the “#” and “=” characters.
  • Fixed a payment validation bug when signing up for a paid membership plan.
  • Resolved a bug that would sometimes cause the customer’s items to not show up on the Cart page until the page was resized or scrolled.
  • Updated the photo spot “rotate” icon in the Creative Product Builder.
  • The entire creative shopping and product-building workflow has been migrated from JavaScript to TypeScript, the last major piece of our TypeScript upgrade.

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