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PhotoLynx makes numerous updates to Flow software

PhotoLynx announced updates to its Flow product. Flow is a capture program that gives you the capability to match student images and data. According to the company, it has a robust layout creator allowing the user to build and to print different items such as ID cards, proof sheets and order forms. Green Screen tools in Flow let user to knockout and apply your own backgrounds. When all of your images and data are matched and packages are entered, the order can be sent directly to a lab.

Here’s the list of recent changes:

  • Added full Order workflow support for PLIC Ecommerce providers: (Fotomerchant, SimplePhoto, Zenfolio)
  • PLIC uploading now sends the Green Screen Backgrounds for Green Screen Projects
  • Added support for QR Codes in Layouts
  • Improved Flow Server Startup and Merge routines
  • Added a Submit Order QA Review feature
  • Added ability to import jobs from Amazon S3 (completed jobs)
  • When sending Orders to lab, do not include digital products
  • Improved PLIC uploader performance and stability
  • Added support for Background selection on Import Data
  • Added Support for PNG files to PLIC
  • Added ability to assign Packages in bulk to Filtered Images
  • Added Green Screen workflow improvements
  • Added support for Green Screen foregrounds for PLIC
  • Improved performance with Layouts
  • Layout page should support smaller screen sizes better
  • ImageMatch Exports now includes Hot Folder Archive
  • Added utility to delete missing Subject Images
  • Improved overall Project Merge routine
  • Added New Images with Orders filter
  • Made UI improvements to Order Panel
  • Added ability to access the External Editor from the Crop panel
  • Added HotKeys [B] [N] [Left Arrow] [Right Arrow] for Crop page Image navigation
  • New behavior: User cannot add an Image to a Subject when in Edit mode
  • Added 6×8 and 8×6 to Crops
  • Added more logging to merge packages for better troubleshooting
  • Improved Flow Catalog distribution
  • Refresh button on crop Images in crop page
  • Crop screen should now return to previously cropped Image
  • New behavior: When picking an Image the subject’s Image should be displayed in Image preview instead of Hot Folder Image
  • Added a scrollbar to Edit Project Panel
  • Added Crop Overlay to “Pick An Image” dialog in Capture
  • Added Flow Order Source in ImageMatch Export data file (manual or online)
  • Improved Layouts and Graphics sync on startup
  • Added configurable SMTP settings
  • Decreased amount of Error handler emails
  • Added more fields to Subject Order Report data

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