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PRINTING United Digital Experience announce schedule

PRINTING United Digital Experience announced more than 20 major global product launches are scheduled to take place over the 14 days of the online event which runs Oct. 26 – Nov. 12. Representing market segments throughout the industry, the PRINTING United Digital Experience will offer education, insight, and new technology briefings for everyone across all job functions, at no cost. The schedule detailing each day of the Digital Experience is below.

“We built the PRINTING United Digital Experience as a way to keep the industry united and moving forward as well as provide an elevated stage, as we traditionally do, for companies to debut the products they’ve worked so hard to bring to the market this year,” says Mark J. Subers, president of PRINTING United. “During a year when launching new products has been a real challenge, we are thrilled to learn about the new technology that will be featured on the PRINTING United Digital Experience platform from companies around the world.”

PRINTING United Digital Experience Schedule: Oct. 26 – Nov. 12

With new market segments being highlighted each week, each day of the event will kick off with a special keynote address, followed by enriching education and panel discussions presented by industry-renowned speakers, over 40 on-demand educational sessions, along with new product launches or technology showcases each day. The event schedule, by week, is as follows:

Printing UNITED schedule

Registration for the event is free and will be announced once it is available to the public. s.

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