Rob Mauldin, former Disney Imaging Leader, joins CaptureLife as strategic consultant

Rob Mauldin

Minneapolis, MN – June 14, 2018CaptureLife Inc., the leading provider of enterprise mobile marketing and commerce solutions for professional photography businesses, announced the appointment of Rob Mauldin, former Director of Imaging, Disney Parks and Resorts, as a board advisor and strategic consultant, effective immediately.

Mr. Mauldin brings over two decades of deep, customer-focused business-building experience within the Disney enterprise to his role with CaptureLife, including 13 years leading the development and digital transformation of Disney’s imaging business, services, and customer experience for their parks and resorts. With CaptureLife, Mr. Mauldin will provide insight and guidance on business strategy, explore vertical market opportunities, and ensure that CaptureLife offerings continue to help professional photography businesses advance their digital transformation to create market excitement and smart operational growth.

“Rob brings a wealth of strategic business and customer experience depth to our already accomplished team. His insight and operational expertise will be extremely valuable to our CaptureLife customers and to us as we continue to expand in the market and grow our solutions,” Jeff Eckerle, CaptureLife COO explained. “Our goal is to ensure that our professional photography customers have the right tools and the right consumer experience to deliver smart, profitable growth.”

An imaging industry veteran, Mr. Mauldin was drawn to the CaptureLife solution by a thought leadership piece posted by the company in social media channels and was instantly intrigued.

“I hadn’t yet seen a digital platform that was scalable and easy-to-implement, and also integrated with the photography industry’s existing workflow. It really struck me as a broad solution that any type of photographer, from school portraits to sports, resorts and hospitality to events, and theme parks to cruise lines, could easily and affordably adopt,” Rob explained.

“Not everyone has the resources like a Disney to build their own technology and infrastructure to re-tool their business and operations,” Rob continued. “This is a solution that’s within reach and a way for photographers and labs to think differently to meet the market’s demand for a unique and better experience. What better way to quickly evolve and capitalize on the digital transformation that’s really upon all of us.”

Uniquely suited to share his customer experience, digital and operational transformation expertise with the market, Mr. Mauldin is excited about the potential for the industry to evolve.

“I think the opportunity is here for any photographer and lab, no matter their focus or size, to create greater value for their business. The digital disruption that is happening today will affect all areas of their business, and it’s important to move with the tide and not against it,” Rob stated. “But it’s not just about having an app or website. It’s thinking holistically about the entire experience and operation – from image capture to sales, to distribution, to how you position your business and services. If you deliver the experience customers are looking for, you’ll win.”

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