Skylight adds captioning to photos sent to digital frames

Sharing photos and messages with friends is easy, but older folks are often left out. Skylight makes it possible by allowing you to add captions to the photos you send to the frame.

This new feature makes it easy to provide context about each photo, such as the date and place it was captured, or even send a photo to a loved one’s frame with a nice message. Imagine going on a trip with the kids and being able to send photos to grandma’s frame, allowing her to feel as if she were there experiencing it with them!

Customers are already loving this feature. “I’m constantly sending Snapchats to my friends and family, but my grandparents aren’t tech-savvy so they were missing out on a lot of my life. Now I can send them photos to the frame and add captions so they’re in the loop,” said Christina, a Skylight customer.


Skylight Frame is a touch-screen photo frame you can update by email from anywhere. Photos and videos appear instantly and play as a slideshow. It’s 60-second setup and easy-to-use features make it the perfect gift for parents and grandparents.

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