The Dead Pixels Society podcast: The future of professional wedding photography, with Michael Warshall, EMOTION Photography

Michael Warshall, chairman, EMOTION wedding photography

Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talks with Michael Warshall, chairman of Australia’s EMOTION PhotographyFeatured last year in the Dead Pixels Society, EMOTION Photography is a digital-first operation built around the belief the customer – in this case, brides – would prefer to hire a photographer with immediate access to images, as well as the understanding there are photographers willing to be paid a flat rate to photograph a wedding. The entire process is handled through a mobile app. EMOTION Wedding Photography was started by industry veterans Michael Warshall, Vittorio Natoli, and Peter Meyers.

In this episode, Warshall discusses his company’s customer-driven approach to wedding photography, how the company has adapted its services based on customer feedback, the decision to automate the entire process, and trends in the wedding business.