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The new and improved PixOasis now offers even more features to streamline photographers’ workflow Press releases 

The new and improved PixOasis now offers even more features to streamline photographers’ workflow

Make your clients happy. PixOasis image and video delivery was designed by photographers for photographers to be a fast, easy and reliable platform to deliver images and videos in a web gallery format for clients to view, edit and download without having to join or log-in.

The team at PixOasis has taken cutting-edge technology to the next level while staying authentic to its original mission: to give professional photographers the highest-quality image and video delivery solution they need to streamline workflow and make clients happy.

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of digital photography, CEO and founder of PixOasis, Bob Adler realized the need to connect with his fellow photographer to determine the future of his product.

“The photographers I interviewed wanted a delivery system that was simple to use for the photographer and client, without clumsy client logins and passwords and live phone support,” Adler says, “but with powerful controls so that the photographer and client could perform necessary admin and editing tasks within an intuitive user interface.”

The new PixOasis does just that. By keeping true to its mission of offering only one service – great image and video delivery.– It gives photographers the trusted and reliable electronic image delivery solution that UPS and FED EX offer their customers for package delivery.

PixOasis now boasts many new features. For one, the option of “Image Quick View” shows a pop-up, enlarged image with the simple roll-over of a thumbnail.

Also, the user-friendly designed dashboard lets the photographer manage assignments and deliveries as well as allows or disallows high and low-resolution downloads, title edits, batch rotating images, batch-deleting albums and the ever-helpful gallery consolidation into one master gallery viewable by the client with a single link.

Adler and his team were precise to the last detail; there now even exists a search function for quick and easy location of any image uploaded to PixOasis.

Longtime Bay Area photographer, Nicolo Sertorio had this to say about PixOasis:

“I have been a professional photographer for 15 years, so I have used other file sharing sites in the past. Lately, I found myself turned off by the high prices and/or disappointed by the poor user interfaces. When I switched to PixOasis, though, I found exactly what I was looking for–a simple and easy to use interface that lets my clients view my images in a gallery format without needing to join or sign up for the service. I’ve even used PixOasis for cloud storage of selected images. I’m hooked. Thank you, PixOasis!”

As far as video capability, PixOasis is unmatched. Unlike Vimeo or Youtube, the photographer can upload multiple videos with any level of compression, into one gallery with a built-in player so clients can access and view them with just one link to click.

With all these changes, though, one major feature remains the same–the 30-day free 10GB trial. No credit card required. After the 30 days, paid plans are available, starting at $15.95 per month.

About PixOasis

Designed by photographers for photographers, we understand the importance of smooth workflow: shoot, edit and deliver.

With PixOasis:

  • Deliver multiple albums of images or videos with one link.
  • Control how long your links stay active.
  • Using the Adobe Lightroom Plugin, save time by exporting directly to PixOasis galleries.
  • Brand your galleries by adding your logo to all your deliveries.
  • Clients click your link and see a gallery of your images or videos instantly without log-ins or sign-ups
  • Clients can edit your images online and share these edits with their colleagues.
  • Help is available with live phone support.

Since launching, PixOasis has grown virally with thousands of photographers delivering their photos to over 100 countries. We are evolving with the ever-changing professional photography universe.


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