Visual 1st and DIY Video Summit is coming up fast

The dual executive conferences Visual 1st and the DIY Video Summit are just about a month away. The Visual 1st virtual conference, running Oct. 19-20, features an impressive array of imaging executives in a series of fireside chats, presentations, and demos. More than 75 percent of attendees are C-suite and senior-level executives. Tickets are available here.

Buying a ticket now gets attendees access to a pre-conference attendee networking LinkedIn Events group, where you can check out in advance who else among your colleagues, clients, suppliers or competitors is attending, share your thoughts with all attendees in the Chat group, be discovered or network 1-on-1 with fellow attendees.

Visual 1st Keynote and Fireside Chats
The Top Photo & Video Ecosystem Trends to Watch, Prepare for, or Leverage
Hartman will share his perspective on the key currents driving the imaging ecosystem and what they may mean for its participants.
SmugMug & Flickr – Retooling for the Future of Photo Sharing
Don MacAskill, CEO & Chief Geek, SmugMug & Flickr
Three years after SmugMug’s acquisition of Flickr, both these photo-sharing sites are forging ahead by developing new tools and services. Beyond addressing the needs of their respective customer bases, they’re also focusing on innovation that can attract a new generation of photo enthusiasts. So what’s next? How to best capitalize on the gaps left by other photo cloud storage or sharing providers who have moved away from their original photo-focused mission? How to monetize – and further empower – their loyal customer base? And how to make SmugMug’s and Flickr’s tools and services an integral part of the broader imaging ecosystem as it evolves?
Tackling Bit-Rot to Preserve Digital Memories
Colin Culross, Founder & CEO, Emortal
How can visual memories best be preserved for decades to come, to be shared with future generations? We’ve discussed this before at Visual 1st: Neither today’s digital solutions nor yesterday’s analog ones provide the necessary assurances. It’s a huge issue with complex inter-related technical, financial, and fiduciary aspects, and equally large business potential for those who can solve it.  The Emortal  mission is to provide a comprehensive solution to keep your digital legacy safe, private, accessible, and sharable far into the future. As the service nears public beta, Culross will discuss how he plans to gain trust from prospective customers and convince them Emortal’s unique approach is what they need.
New Needs, New Cameras
Ben Arnold, Executive Director & Consumer Technology Industry Analyst, The NPD Group
Reversing a years-long trend, U.S. camera sales have actually grown in the past year, as consumers developed new needs for capturing photos or videos during a pandemic that fundamentally changed how and where they spend their time.  The market not only rebounded for traditional digital cameras, but also for a variety of special use case cameras, such as action cameras and 360-degree cameras. But what’s next when users will return to some form of ‘normal’ life? What are the new opportunities going forward for digital camera sales in various categories?
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DIY Video Summit Fireside Chats
Driving Transformation One Story at a Time
Lionel Mohri, VP of Brand Experiences & Storytelling, Intuit
In this session, you’ll hear first-hand how video storytelling, ranging from professional production to DIY processes, is creating fundamental business transformations in every facet of Intuit’s operations
Embracing – and Driving – Video Technology Innovation
Oren Boiman, SVP for Small Businesses and Head of Video Creation, Vimeo
Eli Lubitch, President, Beamr
In this dual fireside chat, Boiman and Lubitch will explore how the inter-related technology components of a rapidly evolving video ecosystem – ranging from smartphone cameras to microprocessors, AI, and video viewing environments – have spurred the current adoption of video among consumers and businesses.
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