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Visual 1st panel preview: Monetizing Photos through Print

The Visual 1st conference kicks off next week at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco, Calif. If you haven’t made plans to attend, there’s still time to register! If you can’t make it, be sure to check out our coverage next week. And if you are there, step up and say hello.

Conference organizer Hans Hartman has been busy setting up intriguing sessions for photo businesses of all types, including photo printing. In recent email blast, Hartman singled out the “2018 edition of our Photo Print Monetization panel might be the one that takes on the most impactful industry changes to date.” The session features the following speakers:

According to Hartman:

The unique backgrounds of these speakers and their companies will enable us to take a deep-dive into rapid technology and business innovations relevant to two photo product types in particular:

  • Photobooks. Historically consumers have had to take the time to manually curate their photos and then place the right one(s) on the right pages. AI is changing all this, bringing in new consumers by enabling them to create their photobooks through a few clicks, even on their smartphone. We are very pleased to have Qian Lin and Terence Swee share their different approaches and perspectives on how AI is rapidly changing the opportunity landscape for photobook vendors.

  • Wall décor has become the darling high-margin photo product type for B2C as well as B2C(to B) vendors. We’ll hear from Philipp Muehlbauer and Phil Bowman, representing two leading vendors in this space, and learn not only how new technologies and partner channels are providing major opportunities for growth, but also how wall décor products can be used as launching pads for expansion into other product categories – even beyond printing.

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