WANDRD launching Camera Cube Collection on October 24

The Travel and Photography Bag Brand Offers More Ways to Transport Your Equipment

The brand that continues to create products that inspire people to get out and live passionate lives by exploring is giving adventurers more ways to travel with their gear to capture breathtaking moments.

WANDRD now offers two different set sizes of camera cubes, with three different cubes: the Pro Cube, the Essential Cube and the Mini Cube. The second set includes the Pro+ Cube, the Essential+ Cube and the Mini+ Cube.

Both Pro and Pro+ Camera Cubes fit the entire internals of the WANDRD PRVKE series bags. For professional photographers who travel prepared, each cube has room for larger lenses and camera setups. On the smaller end, the Mini and Mini+ Cubes fit the top portion of the PRVKE bag and hold a camera body and up to three lenses.

For those who wish to move their camera cube from one bag to the next, the Essential and Essential+ Camera Cubes are designed for the bottom portion of the PRVKE bag and for the HEXAD Access Duffel. Cubes include room for a typical camera setup, one camera body and up to four lenses.

“We’re excited for the possibilities that these new Camera Cubes bring to our already popular bags!” Ryan Cope, Co-Founder of WANDRD said. “Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking for your first photo bag, or a pro photographer with a robust setup, you can completely customize the amount of protection you need.”

Just like a photographer who chooses the best in equipment, WANDRD is adding its own upgrades in cube craftsmanship: 420D Robic Nylon with aTPU coating, Tubular stuffed webbing handle and Eva stuffed foam camera dividers.


Founded by Ryan, Spencer and Austin Cope in 2015, the brothers set off on a mission to create the world’s best travel camera bag. As traveling professional photographers themselves, Ryan and Spencer didn’t just want to make and sell bags; they wanted to inspire others to see more of the world. What better way to do so than with a travel bag that provides versatility and lasts for the long haul. The brothers themselves are just as motivated by the loyalty of their followers by crowdfunding every bag they design. Each style was backed well over its initial goal.