A look at the kiosk trends of 2013

KioskMarketplaceOur quotes in the Kiosks go SoLoMo: A look at the trends of 2013:Gary Pageau, principal at InfoCircle and blogger for Kiosk Marketplace, said that retailers with photo kiosks have also benefited from the success of mobile with the use of geo-fencing. Retailers struggling to justify a fleet of kiosks, with the attendant updates, upgrades and maintenance, may find an answer in a localized app, he said.

“Retailers are finding success with print-to-store apps, so the next logical extension will be print in-store apps, which could offer coupons or special offers to those customers who place photo orders while physically inside stores,” Pageau said. “This will drive foot traffic and incidental sales, while rewarding the best customers, not just the ones seeking cents-off deals. Offers can even be targeted to specific customers, based on their purchase history.”

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