Capturelife rebrands and gains traction in new markets

The company’s new brand signals greater market opportunities and reinforces the company’s focus on helping businesses and brands capitalize on the experience economy – a $2B+ global market. 

Minneapolis, MN – May 6, 2019Capturelife Inc., the industry-leading platform helping businesses grow brand loyalty and revenue with professionally captured, digitally shared photos and videos, has rebranded. The new brand signals the company’s increased traction in new markets and their continued commitment to helping experience-creating businesses build 1:1 marketing relationships with consumers. In addition to serving their core volume photography customers, the company’s market focus now includes Attractions and Resorts, and professional Sports and Entertainment. The broadened market represents a potential $2B+ global market opportunity for the business.

“We’re extremely excited about this next chapter for our business. It represents an important milestone and growth trajectory for Capturelife as we continue to focus on the changing needs of businesses and their marketing connections with consumers in today’s experience economy,” co-founder and CEO Scott DeFusco said.

“Our new brand is part of a larger conversation we’re having with companies that create experiences. It’s about the power of professionally and personally captured memories to drive greater brand loyalty and revenue. The Capturelife brand and new website reflect our growth into new markets and our message has opened doors with professional sports teams, live events and shows, marquee destinations and resorts, and more.”

The experience economy represents a dramatic shift in consumer spending from goods to experiences. A McKinsey & Company report Illustrates that experiences—such as attending spectator events, visiting amusement parks, enjoying live entertainment and travel—have grown more than 1.5 times faster than overall personal-consumption spending and nearly 4 times faster than expenditures on physical goods. Seventy-two percent of millennials, the largest consumer spending segment, prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than possessions.

Recognizing this opportunity, the company expanded its focus to brands and businesses in the Attractions and Resorts and Sports and Entertainment markets, in addition to the core market they continue to successfully serve, School and Amateur Sports. The company recently signed the St. Louis Surge women’s professional basketball team and is in talks with several major league sports, resorts, adventure brands and excursion businesses.

“We’ve developed a robust and scalable mobile marketing platform centered around the emotional value of personalized memories that’s broadly adaptable to virtually any type of experience-based business. We’ve run this platform through its paces and significantly expanded our customer base in the School and Youth Sports market,” explained Jeff Eckerle, co-founder and Capturelife CBO.

Jack Essex, senior vice president, Business Development, Sports and Entertainment markets

“As we enter this next growth phase, we’ve added leadership and experienced staff to support our efforts—and we’re seeing great results. The upside growth potential represented by our core and new markets will help us create millions of sticky 1:1 relationships with consumers on behalf of our business customers.”

Additions to the Capturelife leadership roster include Rob Mauldin, former Director of Imaging for Disney Parks and Resorts. Rob joined Capturelife in January as Chief Experience Officer. Jack Esser, formerly with Activision-Blizzard, the world’s largest publisher of video games, also joined Capturelife in January as SVP of Business Development for Sports and Entertainment.

The Capturelife platform and consumer app meet today’s consumer expectations that the digital content and memories they cherish will be delivered directly to their smartphone where they can share, relive, and purchase additional products and experiences. No other platform focuses on streaming professionally and personally captured memories from all of life’s most important events—giving brands and businesses ready to tap into the experience economy vibrant and emotionally-resonant ways to connect, deepen brand loyalty and grow revenue.

Capturelife’s customers today include more than 15 of the top 20 professional photo labs in the U.S. and more than 500 professional photography businesses who have delivered digital memories to hundreds of thousands of consumers. The Capturelife platform scales with a unique and flexible B2B SaaS model that offers consumer brands and experience- and memory-based businesses a robust tool set for mobile marketing with digital content, as well as new products and avenues to help them profit from the 8 billion global experiences that are created annually.

About Capturelife

Capturelife is the industry-leading mobile marketing platform helping businesses grow brand loyalty and revenue with professionally captured, digitally shared photos and videos. Capturelife gives businesses the tools they need to create connected, ongoing relationships with consumers that can build new revenue and deepen brand loyalty. And the Capturelife private photo-sharing app gives consumers the digital content they want, faster delivery, more choice and an effortless, more engaging way to experience, re-live and share all of life’s memories and events.