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Cloud Camera LLC releases “My Cloud Camera” App – unlimited free cloud storage for Phone Photos and Videos New Products Press releases 

Cloud Camera LLC releases “My Cloud Camera” App – unlimited free cloud storage for Phone Photos and Videos

GRAFTON, Wis., April 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — You are about to capture a memorable moment but get stopped by your phone message! It’s telling you that there is no storage space left in your phone and now you are faced with the decision of which memory you will have to sacrifice to create space. One of the most common complaints from phone owners today is that they’re running out of space on their phones. The “My Cloud Camera” app lets you keep all your memories by providing UNLIMITED FREE cloud storage for photos and videos.

This app is designed by experienced IT Professional, Subhendu Modak and his wife Rina Modak after frustration with always of running out of storage space. They researched the issue further, asking people what the single most annoying thing about their phones was. After running out of battery, the second most frequent answer was running out of space. Limited storage space is a massive challenge with smart phone users.

“The size of photos or videos captured by the latest high resolution smart phone cameras is much larger than the capture by older phone cameras. Nearly 90 in 100 people use their phones to take photos and videos and run out of storage space. We have not sized the phone storage accordingly,” says Rina Modak. “Existing cloud storages are either not completely free or not very easy to use,” she adds.

In their research, they also found people know that there are a few paid or semi-free cloud storage options available, but users aren’t quite sure how to use them.

People want an easy solution, where they can capture photos or videos and transfer to cloud from the same app. It’s sometimes difficult for users to use one app to capture photos or videos and another app to transfer to cloud.

“My Cloud Camera” app has its own camera to capture memorable moments and easily upload them to the cloud. All the photos and videos that are currently stored in different photo albums on your phone can also easily be transferred to cloud. This app also provides FREE UNLIMITED cloud storage for photos and videos.

Users can access their cloud photos and videos from computers, phones, tablets and other devices. This app is not dependent on a phone number. One account for all your devices.

“Security is an integral part of the app and website.  We take data security very seriously. We keep users’ personal data separated from others. We have implemented Object Level Access Control, where one user cannot access personal data from other users,” said Subhendu Modak. “We take backup of the data regularly,” he adds.

The app and website use https protocol for every communication to the server. Https is a secure protocol for transferring data and prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information. The website is enabled with McAfee Secure also.

“My Cloud Camera” is a very secure app, which provides UNLIMITED FREE cloud storage for phone photos/videos. With its built-in camera, one can capture memories and upload to cloud easily from one app. This app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Cloud Camera LLC is a Grafton, WI based company.  The organization’s focus is to address the frustration that so many users experience with their phones photos/videos.  Version 1 of “My Cloud Camera” app addresses the storage challenges of photos/videos. Version 2 of “My Cloud Camera” app will address another challenge people face with phone photos and will be released later this year.


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