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Compress UV printers announce breakthrough flexible inks offering

TAMPA, Fla.Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Compress UV Printers,ColDesi brand of LED UV printers today launched their new flexible Inks.

Don Copeland, Compress UV Product Manager said, “Imagine that you can now add a favorite school logo to a basketball, baseball or golf ball.”

“Or, that you can print a promotional message on a pennant or flag? -that’s an easy sell for our customers,” he said.

Compress is a leading brand of UV printers in the mid-format range with a print area of 44.8″ x 29.5″.  They also have a very generous 11.8″ print depth to handle all sorts of unique items or sports equipment.

The new flexible inks now offered by the Compress brand of UV LED Printer can handle leathers, nylons and polyester. The machines can print rubber and plastics that are designed to stretch and bend. They are especially good for profit-seeking business owners trying to figure out how to print on basketballs, golf balls, softballs, leather, or other unique sporting goods.

The new flexible inks can handle leathers, nylons, polyester, and plastics that are designed to stretch and bend.  They are especially good for profit-seeking business owners trying to figure out how to print on basketballs, golf balls, softballs, leather, or rubberized goods.

The machines can even now print on plastics before they are heated and vacuum molded. The new ink set expands the overall utility of these print anything devices.

Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDsi, Inc. said, “The most impressive thing I’ve seen about these new flexible inks for UV printing is the quality and durability on non-traditional items – Printing on basketballs has been the most fun, and productive so far.”

Normally UV Inks are designed for printing on a rigid surface, and they dry rigid as well.  However, flexible UV inks like the ones now available for the Compress iUV600s and iUV1200s allow imaging onto flexible items, increasing durability overall.

Examples of applications which are ideal for flexible inks:

  • Police & Firefighter Gear
  • Tactical Fabrics and Gear
  • Sports Equipment & Rubber Items
  • Recycled Bags
  • Flags & Banner Materials
  • Sports Pennants & Promos
  • Binders & Office Supplies
  • Journals & Leathers
  • And More…
Compress UV printers just released flexible inks for printing on unique items like volleyballs, softballs, basketballs, and all sorts of leather goods. The new system is great for printing sports equipment, police gear, and industrial applications that require more durable flexible ink.

Flexible UV ink allows easy entry into the UV market by any business that currently customizes items for schools or athletic organizations. And can handle the most demanding manufacturing application.

The profits UV printer owners can generate from UV, and specifically flexible applications are much larger than normal.  The demand for flexible goods is at an all-time high.

In addition, UV printers are taking over traditional solvent print markets, so adding a flexible option increases local demand. Pad printing machines are also being phased out to make room for UV printers.

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