Feiyutech launches digital camera gimbals

FeiyuTech released the new AK2000C light-weight handheld gimbal for digital cameras with professional anti-shake and a one-touch OLED touchscreen with gimbal controls for time-lapse, selfie mode, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation, and 360° pan. The AK2000C adopts the W7 precision control algorithm, which offsets picture flutter. The FeiyuTech AK2000C features seven-hour battery life with one-hour boost charging with continuous charging capability.

The AK2000C can hold up to approximately 5 lbs (2.2 kg) in camera and lens weight and can be used with most mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and lenses, the company said. All modules are adjustable and have calibration arrow markings for easy recording. Made of aerospace aluminum alloy, and lightweight at 2½ lbs (1078g), the gimbal is elegantly designed, small, portable, and convenient, with a sleek pearl wood handle and quick release three-axis mechanical lock.

“With the increase in demand for video creation and photography, it’s hard to find the perfect low-cost professional anti-shake tool for shooting,” said Eric Wei, Founder of FeiyuTech. FeiyuTech developed the AK2000C with this in mind and the belief that professionalism should be within the reach of all to capture what they love. No matter whether you are a photography enthusiast, a professional video creator, or a beginning vlogger, the AK2000C will fulfill your shooting creatives.”

The gimbal is priced at $229, and is available through Amazon and FeiyuTech website.