Forever Inc. launches its AutoBook product

Forever Inc., the Pittsburgh, Pa-based archival memory-keeping solution announced the release of its brand new print product, FOREVER  AutoBook. FOREVER AutoBook is just the newest way for clients to print their memories at With FOREVER AutoBook, clients click a button and have their online albums turned into photo books. Users can also individually select a series of photos from anywhere in their FOREVER Accounts and have them added to an AutoBook. These books will then be printed through the FOREVER Print Shop.

“People of all ages are taking more photos now than ever before, and they want to enjoy and share these photos with others by first organizing and saving them in their FOREVER Accounts, and then by printing them as photo books,” says Glen Meakem, founder and CEO, Forever Inc. “But our clients have increasingly told us they simply do not have time to create these online photo books. So, we decided to build a product that ‘automagically’ creates photo books for them.”

Once the AutoBook has been generated, clients can add text, swap photos, or adjust the layout if they wish. The electronically generated books are then printed in hardcover or softcover at the FOREVER Print Shop in Rochester, NY. Shipments are delivered to clients’ homes by FedEx.

The launch of AutoBook comes while much of the world is slowing down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“In trying times, people often go back to what matters most: faith, family, and memories,” says Meakem. “Our mission at FOREVER is to help people save and protect their memories for generations. Through the good times, as well as the bad, we will be here for our clients.”

In addition to AutoBook, clients can also create a variety of print products at FOREVER using its online Design and Print software, as well as FOREVER Artisan, the company’s desktop design and scrapbooking software.