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GNARBOX releases 256GB version featuring Adobe Lightroom Integration New Products Press releases 

GNARBOX releases 256GB version featuring Adobe Lightroom Integration

GNARBOX Releases 256GB Version Featuring Adobe Lightroom Integration With Expanded Storage and Adobe Partnership, GNARBOX Comes One Step Closer to Replacing Your Laptop

(Santa Monica, CA) – MYGNAR INC., the developer of tools for mobile post production of high resolution photo and video, announces the release of the expanded version of their core product GNARBOX , available nationwide on October 19 2017 . This latest edition of GNARBOX — the ultimate portable back-up and editing system — will feature an expanded storage capacity of 256GB, up from 128GB as seen on the original device, and an integrated mobile workflow with Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) ; making the import of content from the GNARBOX to the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app and Creative Cloud ecosystem a seamless user experience.

“Our goal is to continue to pioneer GNARBOX around the idea of replacing your laptop with a tool that is equally powerful, yet exceedingly more affordable, portable and durable,” said Will Africano , co-founder of GNARBOX. “With this highly-requested upgrade in storage and the inclusion of Adobe Lightroom Mobile we are one step closer to achieving that goal for photographers and camera enthusiasts alike; who at times struggle to find the perfect solution for backing up and editing their camera’s content while out in the field,” continued Africano.

Insights showed that while many people carry laptops as part of their camera kit for backup and file management purposes, having access to top-tier professional editing programs and workflows is paramount. For this reason, the development team behind GNARBOX has been working directly with Adobe to create a seamless mobile editing workflow for their shared users. The integration between the two apps allows users to connect wirelessly to GNARBOX and, through the newly released Lightroom Mobile 3.0, access files without having to rely on the time and data-consuming process of transferring files to their iPhone or iPad. The teams leveraged new functionality embedded in the Files App released by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) in iOS 11 to make the connection between their technologies as efficient as possible..


To build the 256GB edition of GNARBOX, the company partnered with SanDisk (NASDAQ: WDC ) to become the first manufacturer in North America using their new 256GB 3D NAND eMMC storage technology. The product development team at GNARBOX preferred this component to alternatives because of its size, read/write speed performance, and durability.

“Our users spend their weekends out in the field capturing hours of 4K video and thousands of RAW photos from a multitude of cameras…thus filling up their memory cards in no time. The number one request we received when talking to potential customers was more storage, but it still had to be compact, low power, and ruggedized” explained Tim Feess, CEO and co-founder of GNARBOX. “So when SanDisk approached us with the opportunity to integrate their new 256GB storage module, it was clear that this would be a powerful partnership. We combined that with a unique opportunity to work with Adobe on creating a software workflow for photo editing that we are really proud of. Adobe is the preeminent player in mobile photo editing, so this was an obvious first step in our mission to collaborate with other companies to create a greater user experience” continued Feess.

Additionally, since shipping the initial 128GB version in May 2017, the GNARBOX team has released a number of software features and updates to its ecosystem, all available out of the box on GNARBOX 256GB:

  • File Management system with enhanced organizational control over folders and file transfers
  • First ever mobile video color correction system for full-resolution content
  • Batch exporting 100s of files to your phone or tablet for editing in third party apps
  • iPhone and iPad back backup over USB3.0/Lightning Cable
  • Revamped Android app for enhanced performanceOther core product features include:
  • USB3, microSD and SD ports allows for quick access from any camera
  • Compatible with external SSD/HDD for additional space
  • Quad Core Intel Processor, Dedicated Graphics and 2GB RAM
  • Shockproof and dustproof, perfect for the outdoor world
  • 4000mAh battery with 4 – 6 hour usage, recharge using microUSB
  • Download in full resolution directly to phone in 720p, 1080p, 2.7k and 4k

GNARBOX began as garage project and a Kickstarter initiative in 2014, raising over $500,000 USD in under 30 days. With a primary market centered in action sports and other outdoor activities, original advocates included snowboarder Travis Rice, skier Tom Wallisch and surfer Jamie O’Brien . After extensive research and development, GNARBOX began shipping to original backers in March 2017 and went on to close $8.5M in Series A funding in May 2017.

Over the brand’s first six months on the market, tens of thousands of units have been produced and sold, cementing GNARBOX as a trusted and necessary tool for amateur and professional content creators.

GNARBOX 256GB will retail for $399 USD, and will be available via and retailers including Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama and other select specialty stores nationwide.


Originally introduced as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, GNARBOX is the ultimate portable back-up and editing system for any camera. Now available in over 20 retail locations across the U.S, Canada, and the EU, GNARBOX is quickly growing recognition as a necessary tool for both professional photographers and videographers as well hobbyists. With a myriad of software updates consistently rolling-out to maintain compatibility with the latest advances in mobile technologies, GNARBOX pedestals user-experience, customer satisfaction, and high-quality performance.


Guided by the leadership of co-founders Tim Feess and Will Africano, MYGNAR Inc. conceptualizes and produces breakthrough innovations for content creation and distribution. Their mission is to make the creative process as seamless as possible for anyone with a camera. Through creative storytelling, strategic partnerships and investments, MYGNAR Inc. continues to roll-out new technologies and products that enables their core values of creativity, convenience, and adventure to be replicated by their valued customers at all levels of interaction and experience.

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