Halide app adds image recovery features

Halide 1.6 adds an image-rescue feature

Halide, the popular camera app for iOS from Lux Optics LLC, has been updated to version 1.16, including improved Raw image handling a new image Rescue feature. The app’s machine-learning-based Smart RAW adjustment was introduced last year and improved with better RAW output with more editing headroom and lower noise. The RAW editor renders flatter images in the Photo Reviewer, allowing for better insight into what areas need editing.

The Rescue feature creates a back-up copy of photos behind the scenes so, in the off-chance an image is deleted to due low battery or a bug. To retrieve a missing photo, the user simply selects the Lifesaver icon in the corner and the missing images are presented.

The company also announced Spectre, Apple’s iPhone app of the year, will receive the Image Rescue feature in a future update.