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HDRsoft updates HDR Photo Editing Software Photomatix Pro to Version 6.1 Press releases Updates 

HDRsoft updates HDR Photo Editing Software Photomatix Pro to Version 6.1

Update Adds a Dark Color Scheme Option, Dual White Balance for HDR Merging, Improvements to the Brush Tool and Expanded Camera Support

Photomatix Pro is the industry-leading HDR photo processing application that helps photography pros and enthusiasts create HDR photos in a large range of styles, from realistic to artistic. Updates in version 6.1 include:

Dual White Balance for HDR Merge

This feature lets users assign one white balance for darker photos and another one for brighter photos before merging a set of bracketed RAW files to HDR. This addresses color cast differences in interior scenes, for instance, where the dark areas are illuminated with artificial lighting, while the outdoor view is in daylight.

Dark Color Scheme

The image adjustment windows have been refreshed with a dark color theme, and users can choose between dark and light schemes for other windows.

Lasso Tool and Improved Brush Tool

The selective adjustment toolkit now includes a lasso tool, allowing easy selection of geometric areas such as windows that need different color or blending settings. The brush tool has also seen improvements, with the choice of either a round or square brush, and customizable sensitivity when using edge detection.

Smoother UI Interactions

Usability has been enhanced on Windows and Mac platforms. On Windows, the performance of the brush tool has been substantially improved, resulting in a smoother painting experience. On Mac, the sliders for adjusting the HDR image have been made much more responsive.

Expanded Camera Support

Support has been added for compressed RAW files from Sony and Fuji cameras, as well as RAW images from recent camera models.

Photomatix Pro merges photographs taken at different exposure levels into a single HDR image with options for automatically aligning hand-held photos and for removing “ghosts” or visual artifacts when moving people or objects are present in the scene. Merged images can then be adjusted with a range of precise controls and settings or with one-click presets. Photographers can quickly get the look they desire from natural-looking results to painterly images or from surreal and dreamy photos to ultra-realistic images with increased details.


Photomatix Pro 6.1 is now available for Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10) and Macintosh (macOS 10.6 or higher). The price of one license is a $99 one-time purchase. Photomatix Pro 6.1 is a free upgrade for customers who purchased a Photomatix Pro 6 or Photomatix Pro 5 license. An upgrade price of US$29 is available for customers who purchased a license for earlier versions. For more information and to download a free trial version, please visit


HDRsoft develops photo editing software based on high dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques. The company pioneered HDR photography with the introduction of its Photomatix software in 2003. Today, the company continues to build easy-to-use software tools that let photographers create eye-catching images. Photomatix is ideal for photography scenes that benefit from applying HDR, such as architecture, landscape, real estate, and more. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has staff in the USA and several other countries.


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