Kodak Moments Prints API program fulfills more than 2 million orders at more than 8,000 locations

Kodak Moments announced its Kodak Moments Prints program, which serves more than 8,000 retail locations nationwide with same-day printing, fulfilled more than 2 million since August, 2018, with forecasts increasing as more photo products and app partners are added. Since 2016, the program has offered third-party photo apps and websites the ability to print to stores through Kodak Moments technology. Current app participants include Pictarine, Autopilot Print, MEA Mobile, MailPix, Inc., JPEG Labs and AppGrow.

Michael Graham, Kodak Moments Senior Product Owner, Kodak Alaris

“With Kodak Moments Prints, our goal is to help developers and retailers bolster a strong bottom line and improve engagement and loyalty from their customers,” said Michael Graham, Kodak Moments senior product owner. “We’re taking the complexity out of retail photo product fulfillment, extending their reach and increasing their ROI.”

Kodak Moments provides a product catalog and media specifications to match each app output to the desired product selections perfectly, the company said. Developers receive a revenue share for each sale.

The Kodak Moments Prints API offers:

  1. Store locating service
  2. Print sizes and products offered at stores
  3. Pricing information
  4. Image and order routing
  5. Cart and order submission

Kodak Moments is actively seeking app partners with an estimated 100,000 active monthly users to welcome to the program.