Low Res Camera for iOS captures small, low-res videos

Very Low Res Camera 1.0.9

Vweeter Ltd. released LOWER – Very Low Res Camera 1.0.9 – an update to the low-resolution video app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The app allows users to record small, low-resolution photos and videos, allowing them to save on storage space, email or text the files quickly, and share quickly on social networks.

LOWER is for users who don’t need to send HD or 4K video. The app allows users to select from a range of resolutions, including custom resolutions down to 20×20 pixels.

New in Version 1.0.9
* Zoom while recording.
* Select multiple images/videos before resizing.
* Added shutter animation when taking photos.

“Sometimes I simply want to report a problem to my developers about an issue I’m having with an app, I simply don’t need to create an HD or 4K video for that purpose,” says Spark So, CEO, Vweeter Ltd. “Lower resolution photos or video is perfect for my needs in such a case, I can quickly create a small, easy-to-email file, that can be in the hands of my developers in just seconds.”

Very Low Res Camera 1.0.9 custom size

The app records video in various resolutions, including 120p, 240p, 360p, 480p, and 720p. Custom resolutions down to 20×20 can be unlocked with a $0.99 USD in-app purchase. Videos can be recorded on the fly, with or without using the iPhone’s built-in camera light, and videos can be recorded with sound via the iPhone’s built-in mic or can be recorded in silent mode. Videos can be recorded using either the rear-facing or front-facing iPhone camera.

In addition to creating original videos, users can also select photos and/or videos from their iPhone’s Photo Album to resize to a desired lower resolution. Users that unlock all of the app’s features via the in-app $1.99 purchase can select multiple photos and/or videos for batch resizing.

LOWER – Very Low Res Camera 1.0.9 is free and is available worldwide in both iOS and Android versions. In-app purchases include Unlock Custom Size: $0.99, Unlock All Features: $1.99, Remove Ads: $0.99, Record More Than 2 Minutes: $0.99