MailPix commemorates 10 years of innovation and acquisitions

MailPix, the photo-printing, canvas, and gifting site, commemorates 10 years this month. Since July 2012, the company has expanded its offerings by adding award-winning mobile apps, acquiring brands, and providing high-quality photo products at affordable prices.

“Preserving photo memories is the core of the MailPix mission,” says Fred H. Lerner, CEO and co-founder, MailPix. “As technology changes, we have adapted to provide the broadest array of convenient consumer photo printing services available.”

At the launch of the company in 2012, Lerner declared, “sharing images on Facebook and on Twitter is a great way to enjoy photos. Preserving those images as long-term memories, however, means printing them. Prints never need electricity, can always be seen, and resist file-format changes. With MailPix, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to make long-lasting prints, books, and gifts.”

Lerner and his team, including photo-industry veteran Peter Tahmin, broadened the company in several ways. The first way was through acquisitions. Over the decade, starting with the purchase of Winkflash, the privately-held MailPix has enjoyed considerable organic growth and expansion via acquisitions. The brands acquired by the MailPix portfolio include RitzPixMyPix2Photobucket’s PrintShopLab and

“We are always evaluating opportunities for acquisition,” says Lerner, who has more than 30 years of mergers and acquisitions experience.

The second way MailPix has grown is through creating an impressive product portfolio, ranging from photo prints to wall-size canvases, and through its award-winning 1 Hour Photo app. MailPix partners with leading retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Duane Reade to offer fast and convenient photo printing, direct from a mobile phone, for pick up at about 18,000 locations. Many of these photo products can be picked up within an hour.