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NEOMODERN challenges you with “The Fifty”

Our friends at the San Francisco concierge photo printer NEOMODERN have launched a new “Photo School” page for helping everyday photographers improve their photography by looking at 50 Classic Photos. Selected from 50 black-and-white photos from founder Michael Rubin‘s private collection, the photos were selected due to their aesthetic and natural qualities.

Viewers are asked to look at the photos in order, as large as possible, to build an understanding of framing, light, etc.

“Don’t concern yourself with the artists, or titles, or subject matter, or technical specifications of camera and paper. Just look at them and see what they feel like, how light, framing, focus and time are all manipulated by the photographer, for effect. While the same set of photos might be instructive in a conversation about natural light (or photography in general) this current lesson is about composition and the way the objects are oriented in the frame. In every single case here, you could not crop or take a part of the image without killing it; they are each designed with an understanding of the external frame.”

Give it a try here.


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