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New Skylight Frame video feature keeps families connected beyond photos

As the digital world moves towards video content, families are sharing videos with their loved ones through Skylight Frame

“Sharing photos through a digital photo frame is something families have been enjoying for some time,” said Michael Segal, CEO of Skylight. “The new video feature makes it possible to share your special moments with your loved ones – like your daughter’s first steps or your son scoring the winning goal at a soccer game.”

The digital world is moving towards video content, and families are adopting this trend. With video, customers don’t only see their significant others… they can also hear them. Imagine waking up grandma to a happy birthday video from the whole family!

Skylight supports a number of different video formats, including .mp4, .3gp, .avi, .m4v, .mov, .webm, .3gs and .mvk. This gives customers the freedom to send video in the format that works best for their family. Videos sent from the app can be up to one minute long, and those sent via email have no limit. The frame can hold up to 8GB of photos and videos, making it easy to share all your favorite memories without running out of space!


Skylight Frame is a touch-screen photo frame you can update by email from anywhere. Photos and videos appear instantly and play as a slideshow. It’s 60-second setup and easy-to-use features make it the perfect gift for parents and grandparents.

Skylight can we purchased on and


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