PhotographyTalk to conduct 2021 $100 canvas print shootout

Global photography community PhotographyTalk announced it will soon commence with its third annual $100 canvas print shootout. PhotographyTalk’s 2019 canvas print shootout compared three companies and in 2020, it expanded to seven. In 2021, the shootout includes 11 competitors.

“The purpose of the $100 canvas print shootout is twofold,” explains Alex Schult, Founder and CEO of PhotographyTalk. “First, there are a lot of companies that market their canvases as ‘the best,’ so we want to put them to the test to see who truly has the best canvas prints on the market. And second, we want to educate our readers about what to look for in a high-quality canvas print.”

Just as in years past, the 2021 shootout will have a budget limitation of $100. The small budget, Schult explains, is “to demonstrate to people that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a really great-looking canvas print.”

The 2021 shootout will compare canvases on a wide range of metrics:

  • Quality of the canvas material
  • Type of framing and quality of construction
  • Types of inks used
  • The overall quality of the print, including color accuracy, depth of colors, contrast, and level of sharpness and detail

The shootout will also compare companies on the packing materials used to ship the canvases. A pricing breakdown will additionally be provided so readers know how much of the total cost went toward the print, shipping, and taxes.

In both 2019 and 2020, a small, family-run printing company based in Arkansas, CanvasHQ, took home the crown as the best canvas print company. CanvasHQ has many global partners, including Bentley, Ralph Lauren, Bon Appetit, and Sylvan Learning.