Printbox introduces Smart Creation

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Printbox Smart Creation, a new feature from a leading enterprise photo products software provider, automates the photobook creation whole process.

Create your photo book in a smart way

Imagine you have hundreds or even thousands of photos on your device from a trip. You would like to use them to create a photo book, but you do not have the time or do not want to spend hours on choosing the best photos. On the other hand, you want to preserve your precious memories. If there was a shortcut, would you give it a go? We believe that your customers would.

Photo books that never saw the light of day

Years of our and our customers’ experience in the photo product market have shown us that plenty of photo book projects are never completed. People are starting a project, and then they quit, leaving work unfinished. Because of this phenomenon, stores are losing huge amounts of money. One of the biggest hurdles customers face is photo selection.  Hundreds or thousands of photos can be overwhelming. And the customer may start to think – “Is it worth investing my time and effort to choose the best ones and make a photo book?” Sometimes the answer is no, and we will never find out how often. That is why we developed a solution to effectively deal with that problem.

What is it?

Printbox Smart Creation is a feature that reduces photo book creation time dramatically. The customer selects a theme, uploads as many photos they want, chooses the number of pages, and then the magic happens. They do not need to hand-pick their photos at all because our algorithms will do it for them. Moreover, all the photos will be adjusted and suited to the pages. We want a customer’s buying path to be a delightful journey and Smart Creation will be a perfect companion along the way. Users do not have to sort and edit photos to create a photo book. No longer, not with Printbox Smart Creation.

You will stay unique.

Here in Printbox, we believe that every company has its uniqueness and spirit. And another advantage arises here. You do not need to abandon your company’s templates, frames, backgrounds, masks, or clipart. They are put into the pages automatically. We respect your brand’s unique style, so leaving your customized elements to finish a created project by Smart, or edit already added, was very significant to us.

The photo book is not only a collection of photos. It is a collection of memories, experiences a user wants to live through again. And like a feature film – it has a plot, but in this case, a customer and his loved ones are the main characters. We did not want to deliver a photo book by only selecting great photos from the gallery. One of our goals was to develop Smart Creation to narrate a user’s story. Through the theme that a customer chooses, elements and layouts will be added to emphasize the purpose and content of the photo book.

Finishing touches

After Smart Creation generated a photo book, the user is still in the Printbox editor. So if a customer wants to make some changes, they can do it right after the creation process in an user-friendly and well-known editor.

It is the reason why the new feature is useful also for people who love creating a photo book on their own. Even when they have a vision on how a photo book should look, why not give Smart Creation a try and see what it proposes?  A couple of minutes of Smart Creation’s analysis and the inspiration is ready.

We are inviting you to visit our site and order a demo version of Smart Creation.

About Printbox

Printbox is an enterprise photo product software company. We created a complete Web-to-print package that helps companies grow. Our complete box includes highly personalized editors to design photo products, a powerful admin panel, and built-in eCommerce. Printbox was created to help companies worldwide be ahead of the game, and we are proud to say that we are fulfilling our mission with the greatest determination.