Ricoh announces finishing options for RICOH Pro C9200 and RICOH Pro C7200

RICOH Pro C7210 with options (including Booklet Finisher SR5120, Cover Interpose Tray CI5040)

Ricoh Company, Ltd. has added paper-feed and paper-output options for its RICOH Pro C9200 and RICOH Pro C7200 product lines of heavy and mid–production digital color sheetfed presses. It will add eight new paper feed and paper output options, along with new EFI print servers. The new options will become available from November 2019.

By expanding the range of paper feed and paper output options, users of the RICOH Pro C9200 and RICOH Pro C7200 product lines of presses can benefit from enhanced productivity. New options support coated paper, heavyweight media covers and the insertion of slip sheets.

New binding capabilities, including saddle stitching for long sheet media and SquareFold finishing, will enable users to find it easier to deliver applications that are in growing demand, including A4/LT landscape booklets and manuals, saddle-stitched catalogs, manuals and reports with covers using heavyweight and coated paper, and high quality finished saddle stitch catalogs and manuals using SquareFold finishing. Furthermore, enterprise users will be able to keep more outsourced documents in-house.

The new EFI Fiery servers for the RICOH Pro C9200 and RICOH Pro C7200 product lines are built on the latest Fiery FS350 Pro software and offer enhanced performance and new features designed to help clients produce more superlative output and be more productive.

For the RICOH Pro C7200x five-color models, the E-86A and E-46A print servers include a new, exclusive fifth color calibration feature to ensure clients receive the best quality output on high value, 5th color applications while helping to further reduce manual adjustments prior to printing.

Operators of the current E-35A/-45A/-85A/-45/-85 EFI servers can achieve the equivalent functionality offered by the new EFI servers through the purchase of a system upgrade kit.

Competition is intensifying in the world of print production and there are growing needs for products that facilitate the production of high added-value printed materials that can open up pathways to new business, while delivering high image quality and high productivity as well as supporting a wide range of paper types and sizes. By expanding the range of options available, Ricoh responds to these kinds of needs and increasing customer productivity, while at the same time contributing to expanding business opportunities for customers by widening the range of applications that can be proposed.