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ROES offering full-featured web-based system

Although it has been available for about a year, the new ROES Web from SoftWorks Systems  has not received widespread attention. We asked Kirk Arends, executive director, business development & marketing, SoftWorks, for some key points. ROES Web is a web browser-based ordering application, with many of the same features of the ROES Desktop Client pro labs have used for the past 17 years, he said.
“ROES Web is fairly new, only 10 months old and was built based on the labs request at your RUG (ROES User Group) annual meeting for a full featured web-based system,” he says. “We have only scratched the surface of the features we plan to add in the future.”
ROES Web New Key Features:
  • Span Image over wall decor products (see illustration above).
  • Custom product sizing with dynamic pricing
  • Lab Account Login for labs marketing to Pro Photographers and/or Guest Log In for labs marketing to consumers or anyone with a credit card.
  • With Account Log in enabled, user can start order on one device and finish order on another (Mac, Windows, phone or tablet).
Some of the key selling points of ROES Web:
  • No percent commissions on sales.
  • No download of app to order.
  • No upload of images before ordering.
  • No need for dp2 or other production systems (ROES Server and manage labs production needs).
  • As a lab, you control your own catalogs of products and even modify the CSS at the lab. CSS editing is optional, not required.

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