Shutterfly continues to spin “beyond photo personalization”

Since buying the Spoonflower design and decor marketplace last year, Shutterfly has updated its messaging to extoll the virtues of going “beyond photo personalization.” This month, on the one-year acquisition anniversary of the acquisition, the company announced the launch of 4,000 artist-led designs on Shutterfly products now available on the Shutterfly platform.

The press release states “Shutterfly’s expansion into the world of design positions its debut as the foremost authority on ‘SIY’: Style It Yourself — a complement to Spoonflower’s DIY-friendly focus. The expansion of this custom design forum will allow Shutterfly to pivot into new spaces while supporting current industry trends and evolving the way consumers design and shop.”

“A year following our acquisition, we are so excited about the impact Spoonflower has had on our family of brands and helping our customers to unlock the ‘creative within’ themselves,” said Hilary Schneider, CEO at Shutterfly. “This expands the brand’s reach past photo personalization and positions Shutterfly as a premier destination for stylized self-expression.”

Spoonflower expected to drive Shutterfly’s next growth phase

Spoonflower features nearly 2 million unique designs curated by 3.3 million creatives who upload 4,000 new designs on average every day — including first-time design uploaders, hobbyists, enthusiasts, interior designers and small business owners — and ships products to more than 30,000 new customers each month, the company said.

Spoonflower’s ability to expand its manufacturing footprint has contributed to a surge in wallpaper sales. This June, 30% of new Spoonflower customers chose wallpaper as their first-time purchase on the platform, the company said.

“We are so fortunate to have accomplished several milestones since being acquired by Shutterfly one year ago — leveraging Shutterfly’s manufacturing expertise and expanding our print-on-demand footprint in multiple U.S.-based cities, offering Spoonflower Independent Artists and Makers the ability to scale their businesses, and powering Shutterfly’s foray into design through the debut of Spoonflower Independent Artists featured on Shutterfly products,” said Spoonflower’s General Manager, Michael Jones.