Skylum adds features to Luminar, plans DAM integration in the fall

Skylum Software has added new features and updates to its award-winning Luminar 2018 imaging software.

Luminar 1.3.0 for Windows can now use the industry standard DCP camera profiles with DNG RAW files. A new white balance tool with an eyedropper for simple color correction and updates to Luminar’s RAW photo engine improve speeds when opening RAW files.

  • NEW Faster opening of RAW-files. Improvements in the RAW engine allow users to open files faster.
  • NEW White Balance Tool. A new White Balance functionality and eyedropper tool have been added to the Raw Develop, Develop, and Color Temperature filters.
  • NEW Image History. It’s now possible to use the “Save History” option when saving a file. Additionally, White Balance presets are now displayed in an image’s history with the preset name when using the RAW Develop, Develop filters, and Color Temperature filters.
  • NEW Layer Renaming. Custom names can now be applied to all new layers added to a document (except for the original image). Double-click on a layer’s name to edit it.
  • NEW Canvas Color. You can now set the Canvas background color to White.  Gray or black are also available.
  • NEW DNG Camera Profiles (DCP). DNG Camera Profiles allow great control over your RAW files. Luminar recognizes the industry standard DCP files that may already exist on your computer (or purchased from third parties).
  • NEW Image Transformation Controls. Quickly access new controls directly with buttons when using the Free Transform tool. Flip a layer on its horizontal or vertical axis or rotate 90˚ as needed for compensating for camera rotation. Changes made are also stored in the file’s History.

Luminar 1.3.0 for MacOS has new plugin support for Imagenomic’s suite of plugins including Noiseware 5, Portraiture 3, and Realgrain, as well as DxO FilmPack 5. New sliders provide improved filter control and more robust JPEG export settings and the ability to enter a precise value.

  • NEW Plugin Support. The following third-party plugins can now be used via the Plugins menu: Imagenomic Noiseware 5, Imagenomic Portraiture 3, Imagenomic Realgrain 2, and DxO FilmPack 5.

From July 19th through July 22, Luminar 2018 will be offered for a special price of $49.00 ($20 savings). Upgrading from a previous version of Luminar is $39.00. All owners of Luminar 2018 will receive a free upgrade to Luminar with DAM when available.

“As Skylum works on building the world’s fastest Digital Asset Manager (DAM) for Luminar, the company is not merely copying the actions of other software makers. Skylum is not trying to replicate the tools or even the approach used by companies like Adobe. Instead, Skylum is rethinking everything to create something new,” said Scott Bourne, President of U.S. and China Markets at Skylum Software.