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This couple crowdsourced their Wedding Photography in real time with Skylight Frame

Capturing every moment of your wedding onto a frame is now easier than ever. With Skylight Frame, couples can have all their wedding photos in a frame in real time.

Skylight Frame is a digital photo frame you can update by email from anywhere. It was gifted to them by Monica’s mom, who wanted them to have all the memories from their wedding in one place.

With this in mind, they put the Skylight’s personal email address on each table at the wedding and asked guests to send all the photos they took that day.

“People loved the idea! A lot of photos were sent”, said Monica’s mom, Cindy. “By the end of the day, they had a frame full of photos taken throughout the entire wedding. They were able to capture every moment!”

Monica and Steve were thrilled to see photos of their wedding from their guest’s perspective. They laughed at the unexpected ones and reminisced on all the shared moments. Skylight is now in their home and it will always remind them of that special day.


Skylight Frame is a touchscreen photo frame that can be updated by email, anytime from anywhere. It can be purchased on or Amazon.


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