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Wooptix debuts single-lens light-field camera at CES

Wooptix, a small Intel Capital portfolio company specializing in advanced imaging technology, will be present at CES 2020 what it calls the “first-ever single-lens light field camera capable of capturing light field video in real-time with no loss of resolution.” The company says it can generate a depth map directly from the light field video enabling live 3D video, which will eliminate the need for green screens. The technology will allow for pixel-level control of the video.

The company says the imaging technology acquires a high-speed focal stack video turning each frame into light field video by using a standard PC with a consumer level graphics card to extract the direction of each light ray which is then fed into the display for live light-field video. Using the focal stack acquired using adaptive optics, Wooptix captures light field video without the resolution killing micro lens array used by other light field technologies, the company says.


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